Update on Accountable SCV/Nathan Imhoff

In a previous blog post, we wrote about the website “Accountable SCV,” which was known for publishing defamatory content about individuals and organizations in the Santa Clarita Valley area. We had identified Nathan Imhoff as one of the people behind the website, and since then, Imhoff has admitted to being involved.

However, Imhoff’s involvement with the website has not stopped him from engaging in harassing behavior. Specifically, he continues to target the staff of the Saugus School District. Imhoff has published false accusations and missives, falsely naming individuals behind our website and accusing them of illegal activity.

In addition to his online harassment, Imhoff has also been filing numerous burdensome California Public Records Requests with local school districts. These requests are used to push his fabricated right-wing extremist views and have been used to stalk, harass, and bully individuals who oppose his agenda.

Our investigations have also revealed that Nathan Imhoff receives direction on what to publish from Carl Goldman of KHTS, a local news outlet. This connection raises serious questions about the editorial integrity of KHTS and the role it plays in promoting extremist content in the Santa Clarita Valley area.

Moreover, during the course of his extremist right-wing campaign, Imhoff has broken numerous laws, including those related to stalking, harassment, and defamation. Despite these illegal actions, Imhoff continues to harass and bully individuals who expose his delusional fabrications.

It is important to recognize and speak out against individuals like Nathan Imhoff, who use their online platforms to spread hate and lies, and engage in harassing behavior towards those who oppose them. We must all stand together to promote a safe and respectful community, free from harassment and bigotry.

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