Who is Accountable SCV – the Transphobic, Anti-Vax, Anti-LGBTQ+, Extremist Right Wing Conspiracy site?

[UPDATE APRIL 14th, 2023: We have received information directly implicating Carl Goldman, owner of KHTS, is DIRECTLY involved in the operation of the awful website “Accountable SCV.” Carl Goldman apparently directs topics for Nathan Imhoff to write. This is potentially jeopardizing for the FCC Broadcast License of KHTS. An update will follow with more detail soon.]

A new website has been circulating on social media lately, purporting to be a website for what it describes as accountability. In actuality, the website “accountablescv.com” is dangerous because it spreads harmful disinformation and promotes discriminatory views towards vulnerable communities. By spreading transphobic, anti-LGBTQ+, and anti-vax messages, this website is contributing to the stigmatization of marginalized groups, and it is undermining efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable society.

Moreover, the website promotes deranged right-wing conspiracy theories that are not grounded in fact and can fuel extremist views and actions. Such messages can create a fertile ground for hate speech and violence, especially towards groups that are already marginalized and vulnerable. The site discusses personal grudges at length, and spreads harmful disinformation, “accountablescv.com” making it not only dangerous but also deeply unethical. It is important to recognize the harm that such websites can cause and to be vigilant against the spread of false information and harmful messages that can have severe consequences for public health, safety, and well-being.

Although the website asserts its commitment to holding individuals accountable, it attempts to dissociate itself from its creator ostensibly to shield the latter’s business from adverse effects. Nevertheless, the creator has a lengthy record of engaging in abusive, harassing, stalking, and other reprehensible conduct that necessitates addressing for genuine accountability to prevail within our community.

Which brings us to a question:

Who is the creator and author behind the disgusting posts on “accountablescv.com?”

The answer: Nathan Imhoff.

Nathan Imhoff is a controversial figure in the Santa Clarita Valley, known for his online harassment, alleged stalking, and vitriol, particularly against women. He does not have any biological children and is not the legal guardian of any elementary age student in the Santa Clarita valley; yet he spends a significant amount of time harassing and bullying staff at local elementary school districts. Additionally, he does not reside within the boundaries of the Saugus School District.

Imhoff is the owner of Stark Social Media, LLC, a company that has produced websites and social media campaigns for Cameron Smyth, Scott Wilk, Joe Messina, and others. He also runs an influencer blog at n8i.run, which contains affiliate links from the company AvantLink. Imhoff appears to also be on a running team, which is sponsored by Michelob Ultra. In addition to this, he sells merchandise on Etsy and Red Bubble.

However, Imhoff’s controversial behavior extends beyond his online presence. He frequently passes incorrect information to Carl Goldman at KHTS to defame and disparage local political candidates. Furthermore, he created and operates accountablescv.com, a website dedicated to false information, extremist right-wing, racist, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-vaccine, misogynistic, and conspiracy theory content. This is not the first time he has created a website with such content – he previously operated “RightOnSCV,” a similarly extremist right-wing website dedicated to publishing content intended to push false narratives.

Imhoff has also been known to use his online platform to attack individuals he has personal grievances against. For instance, he created and operated “scv leaks,” a website dedicated to attacking a female school board member with whom Imhoff felt slighted.

Recently, Imhoff spent time harassing a local school board member on a social media post in which the school district congratulated students, one of whom was the board member’s daughter, for winning a state level award. In the comments on that post, Imhoff seemingly threatens the board members children and baselessly accuses the board member and district superintendent of corruption – without substantiating his claims – amongst other vitriolic and conspiracy minded rhetoric. When challenged for his assertions by other community members, Imhoff attacks the largely female commenters, and claims they are part of a collective conspiracy.

In addition to his problematic online presence and behavior, multiple women have alleged that Imhoff followed them home to berate/harass or intimidate them. He frequently posts anti-trans, homophobic, and misogynistic comments on official school district social media posts, seemingly targeting women to focus his harassment, stalking, and vitriol.

If you experience harassment and/or stalking behavior from Imhoff, it is strongly advised that you report it to the police immediately.

In conclusion, while Nathan Imhoff may have achieved some level of success through his business and influencer blog, his behavior towards women and his involvement in the production and dissemination of extremist right-wing content cannot be ignored. It is important to hold individuals accountable for their actions, especially when they use their platform to spread hate and fear.

It is important to ask these companies if they wish to remain associated with Imhoff:

Michelob Ultra
Avant Link
Red Bubble

Some Screenshots of Imhoff’s most recent comments on local School District Social Media Pages:

4 thoughts on “Who is Accountable SCV – the Transphobic, Anti-Vax, Anti-LGBTQ+, Extremist Right Wing Conspiracy site?

  1. BOTP Reply

    This is great. Some anonymous yet somehow confident coward is doing an “expose” on someone more than happy to attach his name to his views.

    Who the hell is “Squirrel With a Pine Cone,” other than a functionally illiterate whiner and liar?

    You can’t point out a single inaccuracy on Imhoff’s part; this is the laziest smear-job I’ve ever seen.

    Sucks to be you that this underhanded crap isn’t working anywhere but in California, and even there people are wise to it.

  2. Gigi Reply

    Who the hell are YOU, BOTP? You sound desperate and scared that the Squirrel With a Pine Cone can expose this awful AccountableSCV conspiracy site? Run little Squirrel, run along and keep exposing these medieval thinkers! You have many-many supporters!

  3. Quinn Reply

    Oh “BOTP,” fun that you get to call someone an “anonymous yet somehow confident coward” while remaining anonymous yourself. Well played.

    Meanwhile, understand that half of what Imhoff says here is made up…it is absolute falsehoods seen and interpreted through his twisted lens. Everyone is out to get him and his only recourse is to respond like a middle school bully. That works when you go unopposed on your own social media and hide behind the wall of your own blog.

    He and his equally unhinged pal Aprahamian are insignificant and their kind will shrivel up and blow away. Perhaps you will join them…if you aren’t one of them…

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